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1. How old do I have to be to enter Terror Nights Haunted House?
10 years of age and up ONLY! Terror Nights Haunted House reserves the right to refuse anyone entrance, so even if your child looks too young we may not let them in. Any person under the age of 14 years will need to be accompanied by an adult. If you try and bring your five year old up to our haunted house, we WILL NOT let them go through.

I mean seriously, we do not want a part in damaging your kid’s childhood. If you want to go through the haunted house, we suggest you hire a baby sitter and make a date night out of it!

2. Are your actors allowed to touch the customers?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! We have a very strict no touching policy. This means that actors are not allowed at any point in the show to touch you. This also means that you are not allowed to touch our actors. If for any reason you are caught touching an actor and we deem you as a threat to the show, you will be removed with no refund.

This happens very little, but we take it very seriously. We want to offer you a safe experience.

3. How long does it take to walk through the haunted house?
Well that really depends on whether you are walking or running! We ask our customers to not run in the haunted house because of obvious safety issues. It is dark so you will probably run into a wall or an actor so please don't run! That being said the average walk time is about 12-15 minutes per haunted house.

4. How many people can be in my group?
Generally we allow 5-6 people per group because we want the experience to be the best that it can possibly be. Larger groups will not have as good of an experience because some people might miss the scare. We do ask if you have a group of 10 that you break down into two groups of 5. No groups larger than 8 will be allowed in the haunted house.

5. Is it SCARY!?
You should ask all the people that did not make it through last year. We will tell you this, if you decide that it is too scary at any point in the haunted house you can use one of our “Fire Exit Only” doors to escape. We ask that you please don’t do this because you will not be able to get your money back and we want you to get the full experience of the house.

6. Will you split up our group when we are inside of the haunted house?
No, at no point during your trip through the haunted house will your group be split up. In fact, we ask you to please stay together. If you have runners in your group and you don’t tend to run we ask you to please hold them back a bit, for their safety and our actors.

The only time we will split your group up is at the entrance to the haunt. If you have a group of 10 people, we may ask you to split up into two groups of 5 people in order to have a better overall experience in the haunt.

7. What times and days is the haunted house open?
The schedule is available online here. We are open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on select days in October. We open from 7:00pm-12am on Fridays & Saturdays and from 7-10:30pm on Thursdays & Sundays. The ticket booth will stop selling tickets at 12am or 10:30pm exactly, so get there early or you may not be able to get into the haunted houses.

8. How much does it cost?
Prices are available here. $20 per person for General Admission and $25 per person for VIP Admission.

9. What is a Fast Pass?
A fast pass is our $25 dollar ticket. This ticket will allow you to get into what we call our “Fast Pass Lane”. This is a separate line that is much shorter than the Regular Admission line and will get you into the haunted house within about 20 minutes or so on our busier nights. Friday and especially Saturday nights this is very useful if you don’t feel like standing in line for any significant amount of time (Up to 2 hours in some cases).

10. Can I get my money back if I chicken out half way through?
Nope. You have come to get scared and be entertained, that is what we offer. We assure you this haunted house is scary. If you decide to chicken out and take one of our “Fire Exit Only” doors to escape the haunt then you will be out the money you spent to get into it. If you like, ask one of our managers and we would be glad to put you back in where you chickened out, if we can.

11. How long will I have to wait in line before I get to see the haunted house?
This depends on what night you visit. Our slower nights are on Thursdays & Sundays during the run of October. Friday & Saturday nights are always busy. The earlier you come in the season the better! Show up on the first two weekends and you might not have to stand in much of a line at all. If you come on the 3rd, 4th or 5th weekend in October then you might have to stand in line for a couple hours!

Also, show up earlier than 9pm. If you get there around 7:00-8:30pm the lines will be shorter.

If you want to spend less time standing in line, upgrade your Regular Admission ticket to a Fast Pass ticket for only $5 more! This will get you into the haunted house on our busier nights in around 20 minutes or so. Fast Pass tickets are great for people who have other things they would like to do after they go to the haunted house in the same evening.

12. How can I get directions to Terror Nights Haunted House?
Click here for Google Map Directions!

13. What are the Terror Nights Haunted House RULES?
  1. Do not touch the actors, the actors will not touch you
  2. No Smoking, open flame, eating, or drinking inside of the haunt
  3. No photography or flashlights
  4. No running & stay together as a group
  5. Hold onto your belongings, if you loose something in the haunt (like a shoe) we are not responsible for it!
  6. No refunds, all sales are final
For a full list of rules and explanations of each rule, click here.

14. Can I work in your haunted house?
Absolutely! Speak to someone at our ticket booth if you are at Terror Nights, or Click Here to get more information on how to become an actor with Terror Nights Haunted House.

15. Do you have security at Terror Nights Haunted House?
Absolutely! We want to make sure that your trip to Terror Nights Haunted House is a safe and entertaining one. We have a full security staff inside and outside the haunted house.

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